Spooky Haunted Places In Hawaii

Halloween and autumn are great times to take a vacation. Especially if you are looking for some great spooky and haunted attractions in Hawaii. That’s why ResorticaHawaii can help you find the best place to call home during the spooky season. Here are some of the best haunted places to see when you have book your autumnal Hawaii vacation.

Big Island Ghost Tours

Learn more about the Big Island’s history, folklore, ghost stories, and legends. Big Island Ghost Tours will bring you to some of the spookiest haunted places on the island. The sites include historical landmarks to more modern areas of supernatural happenings.

Volcano House Hotel

It’s been said that an older woman haunts the Volcano House Hotel. It used to be a private home, and the family reported seeing the woman walking around. Hotel guests have reported seeing the ghosts as well.

Haunted Hospital of Hilo

This is an old hospital in Kaumana, Hilo, that was mostly destroyed due to a fire. Parts of the building still are intact today, but allegedly the souls lost in the fire still haunt the property.

Eerie Dorm

The Eerie Dorm is at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. The residence hall sits on a former old haunted house. Apparently, the previous homeowners haunt the dorm halls by turning lights on and off, and people say they can hear voices at night.

Spend Halloween On The Beach In Hawaii

Relax on the beach and seek out some of these spooky haunted attractions in Hawaii. ResorticaHawaii can help you find the best place for you and your guests. ResorticaHawaii has a perfect rental property for you, close to many great Big Island attractions like golf courses, shopping centers, and more. We represent properties in The Waikoloa Beach Resort, Mauna Lani Resort, Mauna Kea Resort, Waikoloa Village, and the surrounding areas. Look at what rentals are available right now. To book a rental, call 808-881-8222 or check out our website.

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