During this unprecedented time the Shores and all Shores, owners, residents, and guests MUST adhere to the following policies and procedures concerning community facilities: Community fines may be assessed for any violations of the following:

Shores at Waikoloa Beach Resort currently has the following community facility hours of operation: The fitness room/hot tub, the swimming pool, tennis courts and BBQ are open. No towels at the pools – must bring your own. (subject to change).  Fitness room has specific guidelines posted.

In an effort to keep community residents, visitors and staff safe and secure throughout the COVID event ResorticaHawaii.com MUST report to the community manager prior to arrival:

Names of any returning owners, family or others booking at the unit.

Supply personal identification information PRIOR to arrival.

Other information should include:

Where you are coming from and if you have completed the 14-day mandatory quarantine on Hawaii island.

The unit or house number and the arrival/departure dates.

These rules are due to the concern of unauthorized intrusions during this low occupancy period and due to violators of the “stay at home order” upon arrival in Kona. New arrivals should be careful to take measures to prevent contracting the illness themselves during their travels. Each person MUST always maintain 6-foot social distancing.

This information is being requested in the interest of enhancing security for the benefit of all owners and residents and will remain confidential.

Gov. David Ige issued an emergency proclamation ordering residents to remain at home to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus, the Hawaii Police Department can also cite people for violating that order. The fine is $5000.00 per occurrence.

Thank you for your understanding and abiding by the State of Hawaii and Community policies and regulations during this time.

ResorticaHawaii.com will not be held liable or extend cancellations/refunds due to beach closures, pool/facility hour changes/closures on site or any other pools/fitness centers/spas.