During this unprecedented time the Fairways and all Fairways at Mauna Lani, owners, residents, and guests MUST adhere to the following policies and procedures concerning community facilities: Community fines may be assessed for any violations of the following:

Fairways at Mauna Lani currently has the following community facility hours of operation: Please be advised that during this timeframe there will be no access to the fitness room/hot tub/the swimming pool/BBQ, etc. all facilities are closed until further notice. (subject to change)

In an effort to keep community residents, visitors and staff safe and secure throughout the COVID event ResorticaHawaii.com MUST report to the community manager prior to arrival:

Names of any returning owners, family or others booking at the unit.

Supply personal identification information PRIOR to arrival.

Other information should include:

Where you are coming from and if you have completed the 14-day mandatory quarantine on Hawaii island.

The unit or house number and the arrival/departure dates.

These rules are due to the concern of unauthorized intrusions during this low occupancy period and due to violators of the “stay at home order” upon arrival in Kona. New arrivals should be careful to take measures to prevent contracting the illness themselves during their travels. Each person MUST always maintain 6-foot social distancing.

This information is being requested in the interest of enhancing security for the benefit of all owners and residents and will remain confidential.

Gov. David Ige issued an emergency proclamation ordering residents to remain at home to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus, the Hawaii Police Department can also cite people for violating that order. The fine is $5000.00 per occurrence.


Mauna Lani Resort Association (MLRA) Facilities:

This communication is intended to clarify any confusion relative to the State of Hawaii's Orders & Directives regarding "permitted activities" within State-controlled public shoreline areas, as well as Mauna Lani Resort temporary policies that are currently in place with regard to the access to Mauna Lani private property/Common Area at our Mauna Lani Beach Club facility (and the shoreline areas and coastal waters that are immediately adjacent to and under State of Hawaii).


* All designated State of Hawaii Beach Parks are CLOSED. Makaiwa Bay (the "Beach Club beach") is not a designated State Park.

* The State of Hawaii does PERMIT limited individual non-commercial access to coastal areas for the purposes of recreational and exercise activities (such as surfing, swimming, paddling, walking). Such activities are therefore PERMITTED by the State of Hawaii within Makaiwa Bay (and its adjacent shoreline areas), as long as proper social distancing measures and other requirements are strictly observed.


* Within the aforementioned State-owned public shoreline areas and coastal waters at Makaiwa Bay, the State of Hawaii strictly PROHIBITS individuals from being "stationary, sitting on chairs/towels, sunbathing, etc". Within the State-owned public areas at Makaiwa Bay that are adjacent to MLRA's Common Area private property, "individuals must be "actively moving, walking or running" within the State of Hawaii's public property.

While Mauna Lani Resort Association does not have jurisdictional authority to take enforcement actions within State of Hawaii owned/controlled areas, the State of Hawaii, via its Department of Land & Natural Resources ("DLNR") Enforcement Unit and the Hawaii County Police Department ("HPD"), is being extremely proactive at this time with regard to violations and noncompliance under the current Order. We understand that both the DLNR and HPD are actively policing areas and issuing warnings, citations & fines--and have even made arrests due to failure to comply.


* Beach Club Gate Access for MLRA Members & Authorized Guests - At this time, we are still continuing to ALLOW MLRA members and guests to access the private "members & guests only" parking lot at the Mauna Lani Beach Club so that our members can have convenient access to the public shoreline areas and Makaiwa Bay as conditioned by State of Hawaii's current guidelines for the limited use of these areas as outline above. We recognize that most of our sub associations and commercial entities have shut down access to all of their onsite recreational facilities (fitness rooms, spas, pool facilities, etc.) so, during these very trying times, we will do our very best to continue providing our membership with this access privilege as long as members abide by the temporary restrictions that are in place within these areas. In order to better delineate the boundary between MLRA's Common Area/private property and the State of Hawaii's public shoreline area, we have demarcated the private property of MLRA that is temporarily closed to all access. We ask that you please comply with the access boundaries that are clearly marked as "restricted" for the health and safety of all members.

* Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club - Regretfully, our Beach Club restaurant operator, Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club informed us today that it has become necessary for them to make the very difficult decision that, effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020, it is necessary for them to cease their take-out/take-away restaurants service and to close their restaurant operations for the time being. Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club will, however, continue to offer their food boxes, produce and other food products from their farm, as well as items from other local farmers. They anticipate that pick-up of these items will be available at the restaurant on Fridays for orders that are placed by Wednesdays via phone at (808)885-5910, or via online order through their website: www.kaunamamofarm.com (they anticipate that their online ordering system will be up and running by Friday, April 3, 2020).

We know that these actions are extraordinary; however, under the circumstances of this current public health crisis we ask for your kind cooperation and understanding regarding these actions which we believe are prudent and in the best long-term interest of Mauna Lani and our community at large.

Please do stay safe and healthy. We will continue to keep you posted regarding any changes and, with our continued efforts to work together, we shall get through this!

Thank you for your understanding and abiding by the State of Hawaii and Community policies and regulations during this time.

With warm aloha,


ResorticaHawaii.com will not be held liable or extend cancellations/refunds due to beach closures, pool/facility hour changes/closures on site or any other pools/fitness centers/spas.